Croatian Association of Corporate Treasurers

The adaptation to new market conditions has encouraged many Croatian companies to develop their own treasury and financial departments, i.e. departments responsible for financial assets, liquidity and risk management. Since the need to associate these departments on professional basis existed for some time, a group of Croatian companies’ representatives was formed, which subsequently incorporated the Croatian Association of Corporate Treasurers.

As representatives of the treasury profession, the Association will enable us to promote the rules of this profession, to offer the necessary professional development, to exchange knowledge and experience and to open discussions on professional issues as well as on new economy trends.

With the aim of perfecting the treasury profession in Croatian companies and of promoting overall economic development, we invite you to join us as members, associates and friends of our Association.

Association Membership: 109 members

Membership Criteria: Corporate treasurers

Education and Training:

Treasury clubs, education organized with Stock Exchange Zagreb and ZŠEM (Zagreb School for Economy and Management).


Management Board:

  1. Davor Orši?, Atlantic Grupa d.d. – CACT president
  2. Mirjana Ostoji?, Jadranski naftovod d.d. – CACT secretary
  3. Željka Širola, Agrokor d.d.
  4. Davorka Župi? Uroda, Ericsson Nikola Tesla
  5. Nataša Bereš, NB Cretum d.o.o.
  6. Karmen Rosan, Elka kabeli d.o.o. – CACT Vice president
  7. Marko ?ižmek, Valamar Riviera d.d.
  8. Nikola Cvjetkovi?, AWT International d.o.o. –CACT Vice president
  10. Darko Beli?, HOPS

Supervisory Board:

  1. Siniša Sraka – President of SB
  2. Teodora Brezak Wenzler - Croatia Airlines d.o.o.
  3. Snježana Barbir - STSI-integrirani tehni?ki servisi d.o.o.

Annual Conference is held every year at the end of September.


Date of association formation: 16.06.2004
Date association joined EACT: 10/2009

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